Welcome to LogoTap: An Innovative Way to Display Your Beverage and Ensure a Perfect Pour Every Time

If you are looking for something unique for your home bar, lounge, outdoor living space, theme party, or for special events, this is the perfect product for you! LogoTap liquid dispensers offer a unique way to enhance your bar and after-hours experience with the ability to personalize each unit for your desired look and feel. You can create custom interchangeable logos to suit any event or decor. You can use your favorite team’s logo, create theme party logos, and much more! Each logo is back lit with five built-in LEDs to illuminate your logo, and a separate LED provides the perfect back lighting for the bottle, giving you the ultimate in customizable liquid dispensing.

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Choose LogoTap Liquor Dispensers for a Fully-Customizable Beverage Pouring Experience

Crystal head logotapsLogoTap beverage dispensers can also be used for tailgating, pool parties, holiday parties, man caves, birthday parties, block parties, boats, RVs, and much more! The LogoTap will work with more than just liquor: you have the ability to use a variety of beverages with these units.

LogoTaps can be easily programmed to dispense two different portion sizes. The first portion size can be calibrated to dispense in any variation between 1 and 2.5 ounces. The second portion size can be calibrated to dispense in any variation between .5 to 2 ounces. This is achieved by simply following the chart provided with each unit. Once your portions are set, the built-in circuit stores the information and will provide you with the same measured drink time after time.

Unit stands and racks are also available to turn your LogoTap into a traveling bar or a permanent bar fixture. LogoTap units come complete with tap top, bottle LED light, LogoTap logo with clear LogoTap plaque, one custom logo of your choice, and power supply. Custom stands, racks, and additional logos are also available. The options for your custom beverage dispenser are endless.

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